The Voice Of The Lord Volume 3

Everyone Is A Pastor I Don't Know These Pastors

Men In Church PowerPoint Teaching

Being Willing To Change Directions When The Word Of God Comes


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Monday, August 13, 2012

Christian Podcast List! Subjects From A-Z!

 The Salvation Survey

The Celebration Of Grace

Salvation Only By The Gospel Of Jesus Christ

Understanding The Roman Road To Salvation 101

Everyone Is A Pastor! I Don't Know These Pastors!

Men In Church Power Point Teaching

Being Willing To Change Directions
When The Word Of God Comes To You!

The Light Of Life

Would You Be Made Whole?
You Almost Persuaded Me To Be!

Agreeing With The Truth Only In Private

God / Jesus Christ Hates Divorce
Why Do You Love It?

We Got It Wrong Marriage And Divorce
A Message To Acts 2:38 Believers

The Elder / Bishop / Pastor

The Role Of Women In Ministry 
And The Transgender Agenda!

Without Repentance God Won't Answer Your Prayers!

Repentance And Salvation

The Works Of The Flesh (Part 1)

Common Religious Errors (Part 2)

Moses Smiting The Rock Twice And Overcoming Faith 

Do We Need The Holy Ghost To Go To Heaven

How Jason, Alta, And Deryc Received The Holy Ghost

When The Foundations Are Destroyed 
What Will The Righteous Do?

Reasons Why People Don't Believe The Bible
And The Reasons Why I Do Believe The Bible!

When What U Say God Spoke 2U
Is Different From The Scriptures

Suffering As A Christian
Featuring Elder Donald Carey

BBN Tithe Teaching

Explaining 1st Corinthians The 12th Chapter By Request

When The Scriptures Contradicts
When You Said God Spoke To You

The Truth About Valentinus Or Valentines Day

The Love Of God / A Watch Night Message 12-31-2015

Finding The Trumpets And Understanding
The Timing Of The Rapture 101

The GodHead Explained By Pastor Gino Jennings
Recorded Saturday Night 7-25-15

Can A Woman Be A Pastor Or A Bishop (Part 1)

Dennis Bland Interview President Of CDL Indianapolis

Finding The Seven Trumpets And Understanding The Rapture

The Truth Can Not Be Relative To Our Agenda

The Root Of Bitterness

Is Being Called A Christian A Negative Term?

It's Not Going Down Like That "Proverbs 14:12-13
A Message For Young People!

The Bible Doesn't Say Try The Spirit By The Spirit

Miming In The Church

All Pastors Are Bishops According To The Scriptures

Marriage Notes (Part 1) 

Marriage Notes (Part 2) Deryc And Alta Talk About Marriage


Deryc's Introduction 3rd CD Project "Living Water"

The Truth Behind Easter

The Apostle Epidemic And The Error I See In Our Churches!!!

Natural And Spiritual Health Benefits

7th Day Adventism - The spirit Behind The Church!  
Un-Wrapping Christmas Facts And Information

Reading The Trumpet Scriptures For Yourself
For Understanding And Revelation Concerning The Rapture!

Meat And Drink Does Not Get Us Closer To God

Evolution Vs God Movie

AUDACITY - Addressing Homosexuality And Gay Marriage
Note: They Don't Have The Full Revelation Of Acts 2:38 Salvation

The Power Of Suggestion By Evangelist Robbie Warren

A Message To Women About The Nature  
Of Men And Women With And Without God!

Casting Out Demons (Part 1)

Casting Out Demons (Part 2)

Casting Out Demons (Part 3)

Casting Out Demons (Part 4)

Women Pastors Bishops Elders Deacons
Preachers And Teachers (Part 2)

How To Judge Leaders


Pentecost At Any Cost

The Promise Of A Savior

Noah And Abraham

Created Male And Female

Sanctifying The Lord's Day

Integrity The Cost Of Salvation
(Acts 1:8) The Power Of The Holy Ghost!

Deryc's Radio Interview with Michelle Stevenson MGM Spot Light

The Tower Of Babel Vs How To Receive The Holy Ghost

1st Corinthians 12th - 14th Chapters Understanding Tongues 101

How To Discipline Your Children According To The Scriptures

112th Pope Peter The Roman Understanding The Time

Remember The Day Music Video
From Deryc's CD Project "Here For You"

LIVE N THE WORD Featuring Bro. Mark Smith

Anger Management